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Creative Quarantine

The magic begins in January 2021! Join us at

for the ultimate virtual experience!


  • Carren Clarke

  • Ryan A. Murray

  • Michelle Vigeant

  • Sheeba Maya

  • Larry "Poncho" Brown

  • Lorraine McAlpine

  • LaShun Beal

  • Louise Cutler

  • Kathleen DeQuence Anderson

  • Sheldon Smith

  • Deborah Shedrick

Creative Quarantine Springfield was directly affected as a result of all nationwide social distancing regulations. After careful review, we have decided to change the format to accommodate our scheduled event. Creative Quarantine Springfield will now become a virtual online experience.

We plan to utilize a combination of Zoom conferencing, Facebook live and other video integration to create a more globally accessed project. Participating artists will each receive a stipend, an iPad, a tripod, and an LED light so that they can capture their experience via digital diaries, time lapse video, and other video interviews.

Other educational art talks and panel discussions will be scheduled throughout the event by participating artists. This will then become content for our virtual experience which will be held online on Creative Quarantine and Art for the Soul Gallery Facebook pages.

We also plan to do a live, online sale of the works in addition to a virtual exhibition. If by some chance of the COVID-19 circumstance eases across the country, we will still move forward with organizing an exhibition at Art for the Soul Gallery.

Please join and invite your friends to join too.

Watch this video for more information about the Creative Quarantine project:


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